Season 1 of Scienceburg Labs served as being the first twenty-five episodes of the series. Release dates for these episodes are unconfirmed, as most production of the show has yet to begin. Main characters include Prof. Wright, Mr. Rhezo, Prof. Mysteria, Prof. J, Dr. Akson, Dr. Occtoray, and Prof. Perez. Recurring characters include Mayor Fernando, Dr. S. Studies, Sophia Wright, and Mr. Frosty.


The plots of most of these episodes were produced in May 2013, with a few others being concieved in later months. A few were reinacted by CompliensCreator00 and Faves3000 on a whitelisted Minecraft server during this time, such as "The Creamy Dead", "Doctor What", "Key-ro", and the special "Cure Craziness".


No. Title Written by
1 "Sailor" CompliensCreator00

A new intern, Mr. Rhezo, joins the lab at room 174, the same room with the other main characters. Prof. Wright introduces him to the lab before he does any work, but putting up with the other scientists and their quirky personalities proves a challenge for Mr. Rhezo.

NOTE: This is Mr. Rhezo's first appearance in the series.

2 "Idealess'" CompliensCreator00
After a day where everyone has no ideas, the scientists go to desperate measures to create anything that could help them, and through great persistence, make a decent enough coffee maker.
3 "Room 173" CompliensCreator00

Dr. S. Studies, being fed up with Prof. Wright's behavior towards him, creates a giant ray which would destroy the room the main scientists work in.

NOTE: This is Dr. S. Studies's first appearance in the main series, after his appearance in the short "Scienceburg Labs".

4 "Doctor What" Faves3000

After Mr. Rhezo discovers a blue phone booth in the lab, which Prof. Wright claims to have invented, the two go time travelling, hopefully without causing any paradoxes, until they find a foreign planet inhabbited by alien robots.

5 "The Brain Game" Faves3000
Prof. Wright and Mr. Rhezo use a device to switch minds. Prof. Wright struggles in Mr. Rhezo's body, while Mr. Rhezo uses Prof. Wright's body to his advantage, doing things he usually wouldn't be allowed to do.
6 "Years of Freezing" CompliensCreator00
A man who has been frozen for 75 years wakes up in 2089 inside Scienceburg Labs, in which he has to be reintroduced to the world for his new surroundings.
7 "The Other Half" CompliensCreator00
After seeing an advertisment for bring-your-daughter to work day contest in which Prof. Wright wants to participate in, Prof. Wright creates a robotic daughter so she won't be alone. However, now no one will live Prof. Wright and her robotic daughter alone for a day.
8 "The J and Jhay Show" CompliensCreator00

Prof. J and Mr. Rhezo team up to create a game show in which the other scientists are contestants. However, the questions seem opinionated, and the game has very unfair rules.

NOTE: This is the first episode in which Prof. J has a major role in the series.

9 "The Creamy Dead" CompliensCreator00

Prof. Wright finds an alien virus, and by accident, gives it to Mr. Frosty to create Ice Cream. To their demise though, the ice cream turns people into zombies, and once there are very few remaining citizens left, they have to team up to create an antidote before every last Scienceburg Citizen is a zombie.

NOTE: This is Mayor Fernando's first appearance in the main series, after being in the pilot. It is also the first appearance of Mr. Frosty overall.

10 "Q-T" CompliensCreator00
After a cute new robot entitles Q-T becomes all the craze in Scienceburg, and Prof. Wright rejects getting one, the robot turns against Prof. Wright, and seeks to kill her.
11 "Forgetful Wright" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright gains amnesia, and forgets who she is, until it suddenly clicks to her that he is a proffesional polka dancer. The other scientists try to convince her otherwise.
12 "World Helpers" CompliensCreator00
The gang decides that for fun, they will help out everyone in Scienceburg who needs help! However, not everybody they save leads to positive results in the end.
13 "Lemon-Flavoured Everything" CompliensCreator00

Mayor Fernando dedicates a whole day to the lemon crop, which is revealed to be one of Scienceburg's greatest exports. However, Prof. Mysteria's sheer hatred for lemons makes this day a hassle for her.

NOTE: This is the first episode in which Prof. Mysteria has a major role in the series.

14 "Keep It Down!" CompliensCreator00
After Mayor Fernando is sickened by all the loud noise that happens whenever he wakes up, he gets a pair of headphones from Prof. Wright which block out all sound. 
15 "Dr. Wright" Faves3000

When Scienceburg Medical Center asks people if they can be doctors, Mr. Rhezo and Prof. Wright join, only to realize they have little medical information. After finally being educated by Dr. Occtoray, they finally do show up, but even with all the information they have, they find difficulties in actually performing it.

NOTE: This is the first episode in which Dr. Occtoray has a major role in the series.

16 "5 Degree Heat Wave" CompliensCreator00

During a deep winter where temperatures are at an all-time low, when temperatures hit five degrees, they find it the perfect time to visit the beach in heavy winter clothing.

NOTE: This is the first episode in which Dr. Akson has a major role in the series.

17 "Virtual Dreams" CompliensCreator00
The gang decides to explore a virtual reality, but when a glitch infects the system, they have difficulties escaping.
18 "Labstuck" Faves3000
An accident involving the gang spilling lethal chemicals results in them being trapped inside a lab with little hope left for them.
19 "Key-ro" CompliensCreator00

Prof. Wright creates a machine which gives her superhuman powers, and uses it to stop a bank robber. After Mayor Fernando refuses to give him the key to Scienceburg though, she goes insane, and tries giving everyone a key.

20 "Snow Warriors" CompliensCreator00
When winter begins in Scienceburg, Prof. Wright decides to begin a full-on snow war with Dr. S. Studies, with all sorts of weapons and and all that made from snow.
21 "Clone and Splice" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright accidentally clones all of Scienceburg, winding up in an exact replica of it- in which the clones believe they are the real versions of the characters!
22 "The Olden Days But In the Future" CompliensCreator00
An episode in which Prof. Wright and Dr. S. Studies have a fight stylized like an old fasioned silent film. The episode is significantly shorter than various other episodes, and usually airs before large events due to its short length.
23 "Have a Bad Day!" CompliensCreator00

Hoping to go to a dance by the end of the night, Prof. Wright realizes she has absolutely no taste in fashion, until she realizes evil villains always have a good taste in fashion, in which she creates a device which allows her to become evil to get good clothes. But while she is evil, can anyone else stop her?

NOTE: This is the first episode in which Prof. Perez has a major role in the series.

24 "Southern Style" CompliensCreator00
After joking around with Prof. Mysteria, Prof. Wright gets dared to speak in a southern accent for the remainder of the day. But with a southern accent, will anyone take her seriously anymore?
Special "Cure Craziness" Faves3000
After finally inventing a cure which can eliminate any disease, Prof. Wright asks Mr. Rhezo to get it patented. However, he instead claims he made it himself, and takes all the responsibility. Eventually, Prof. Wright gets jealous, and wishes to take back what is rightfully her's, but knowing it is happening for a good cause, she feels conflicted. However, Dr. S. Studies teams up with Prof. Wright to hopefully get back what was her's.