Season 2 of Scienceburg Labs served as being the second twenty-five episodes of the series. Release dates for these episodes are unconfirmed, as most production of the show has yet to begin. The main characters remain to include Prof. Wright, Mr. Rhezo, Prof. Mysteria, Prof. J, Dr. Akson, Dr. Occtoray, and Prof. Perez. Recurring characters from Season 1 include Mayor Fernando, Dr. S. Studies, and Sophia Wright, while Mr. Frosty has a much more minor presence. Jenny Lax, Dr. Sills, Santa Claus, and The Celestial Star Being all on the other hand, appear as major characters.


Similar to Season 1, the plots of most of these episodes were produced in May 2013, with a few others being concieved in later months. Also similar to Season 1, a few were reinacted by CompliensCreator00 and Faves3000 on a whitelisted Minecraft server during this time, such as "Black Lights" and "Jocelyn Wright 007: No Puns, Ms. Wright".


No. Title Written by
26 "Bird is the Word" Faves3000

The scientists build a device which allows them to speak to animals for a change. However, after Prof. Mysteria gets into an argument against a cow, the animals begin turning against them.

27 "Incognito" CompliensCreator00

To find out more about Prof. Wright's plans, Dr. S. Studies sends Dr. Sills dressed up as a girl scout to collect information.

NOTE: This is Dr. Sills' first major role in the series.

28 "Black Lights" CompliensCreator00

After a maufunction occurs in Scienceburg's Solar Roadways, Prof. Wright and the gang must fix it to restore power to the city of Scienceburg, but in the middle of a storm in a city with no lights, this may prove difficult.

29 "Iron Menace" Faves3000

Dr. S. Studies realizes his plans are getting more and more innefective over time, so he puts some effort into creating a replacement; a robotic replica of him.

30 "Bringing Order" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright is away on a vacation and is inable to take care of the lab, so she leaves Dr. Akson in charge. However, her far more orderly style is not quite enjoyed by everyone at the lab.
31 "A Better World" CompliensCreator00
After many long, restless nights, Prof. Wright finally believes that she has created something that will solve all of the world's problems, but after realizing a few flaws are in it, she questions her ability to invent anything at all.
32 "Jocelyne Wright 007: No Puns, Ms. Wright" CompliensCreator00
After finding a secret entrance at the lab, Prof. Wright becomes a secret agent, hoping to stop Dr. S. Studies before he brings the moon down to Complanet.
33 "Dark Guest" CompliensCreator00

A mysterious being with suspicious behaviors comes to Scienceburg, but everybody else is perfectly accepting of the being, and treats them as if Scienceburg is their home.

34 "34 Blues" CompliensCreator00

Prof. Wright realizes that she is getting somewhat old, she creates a machine that'll make her younger. However, when the machine backfires and turns her elderly, she still attempts to hopefully live life as she normally would.

35 "Uncivil" CompliensCreator00

After a robotic couple gets kicked out of a resturaunt, the gang goes to extreme measures to defend the rights of those kicked out of the area.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of the Celestial Star Being in the series.

36 "Polar Chill" CompliensCreator00

When a heat wave strikes Scienceburg, the gang changes the tilt of Complanet so they'd be at the North Pole from there forth. But Santa Claus is not satisfied with these temperatures.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of Santa Claus in the series.

37 "Pinky the Pig's Pizza Palace" CompliensCreator00
The gang goes to Pinky the Pig's Pizza Palace to celebrate Irene and Maxwell's sixth birthday, but Prof. Wright feels suspicious about those "freaky animatronitrons" which are around the resturaunt.
38 "Marty the Invisible Panda" Faves3000

After many incidents begin happening around the lab, Mr. Rhezo is constantly blaming it on "Marty the Invisible Panda".

39 "Western Daze" Faves3000
When Prof. Wright begins feeling sick of Scienceburg, she feels the need to move out into the western town of Woodenburg, but it seems an evil force is in the town.
40 "My Tallest" CompliensCreator00

When Sophia finds out her friend Jenny is taller than her, Prof. Wright tries to help Sophia be tallest by the end.

NOTE: This is the first major appearance of Jennifer Lax in the series.

41 "The Orangonians" CompliensCreator00

When Mayor Fernando begins enforcing the ban on the color orange, a secret organization begins spawning underground which somehow actually likes that color.

42 "Soda 'Splosion" CompliensCreator00
After being impressed by the soda explosions many others have created, the gang decides to make the biggest and best one yet.
43 "My Glasses!" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Mysteria loses her glasses, and once they are found and broken, the gang must create a new pair for her.
44 "The Cake Lie" CompliensCreator00

After wondering for a while, the characters go on a journey to find out why exactly no place in Scienceburg seems to sell cake.

45 "Billy Bonkers" CompliensCreator00
When Prof. Wright realizes not as many kids are as interested in science as she thought, she turns the lab into a candy factory, hoping that it'll get back their attention.
46 "For the Record" CompliensCreator00
When a new world record book is announced to be being made, everybody in Scienceburg is making an attempt to get a spot somewhere in it.
47 "2092" Faves3000
A meteor is about to strike Scienceburg, and no one knows how to make it past that, so only they have the skills to hopefully destroy the meteor before the end of the world.
48 "Void is the New Black" CompliensCreator00

Mr. Rhezo begins wearing VantaBlack clothing for fun, but after no one can identify him anymore, he begins feeling unrecognized, and is unsure what to do with it.

49 "Stranded" CompliensCreator00
After falling asleep on a long walk on the beach with Prof. Mysteria, Prof. Wright gets washed up on an island, where survival seems slim. Only now is it that she is able to create her own country as she always wanted.
Special "Prof. Wright's Non-Specific Holiday Special" CompliensCreator00
Being confused by the holidays, Prof. Wright creates an entirely new non-specific holiday which can be celebrated regardless of who you are! But Santa is not very happy when people stop celebrating Christmas in favor of it, and he decides to take care of business in Scienceburg.