Season 4 of Scienceburg Labs served as being the fourth twenty-five episodes of the series. Release dates for these episodes are unconfirmed, as most production of the show has yet to begin. The main characters remain to include Prof. Wright, Mr. Rhezo, Prof. Mysteria, Prof. J, Dr. Akson, Dr. Occtoray, and Prof. Perez. Recurring characters from Season 1 and Season 2 include Mayor Fernando, Dr. S. StudiesSophia WrightJenny Lax, and Dr. Sills.


Currently, the only episode in this season which have been re-enacted is Googlopocalypse, which is still in early stages. However, more are planned to be thought out soon.


No. Title Written by
76 "Chicken Soup for the Robotic Soul" CompliensCreator00

After Sophia's friends claim she has no soul due to being a robot, she goes out to prove that she does.

77 "Two-Fingered" CompliensCreator00

When Prof. Wright loses to Prof. Mysteria, she blames her robotic claw for not being able to handle the controller well. To make up for this, she replaces it with a four-fingered hand, but remembering how to use one is more difficult than she thought.

78 "Farenheit -451" CompliensCreator00

When building an ultimate freezer to make gigantic popsicles, Prof. Wright accidentally winds up freezing herself! It is only up to the other scientists to unfreeze her now.

79 "America Day" CompliensCreator00

When July the Fourth comes around again, most of the gang goes out to celebrate "America Day", leaving Prof. Mysteria and Dr. Akson in the dust as they try to avoid any affilation with America whatsoever.

80 "Just a Rumour" Faves3000
Dr. S. Studies begins spreading a bad rumor about Scienceburg Labs, making it so Prof. Wright has to inform everyone she can otherwise. But with Scienceburg being one of the largest towns on Complanet, it won't be easy.
81 "Six Cubic Tons of Whale" CompliensCreator00
After getting jealous of Zachary and Douglas Zzyx's fishing skills, Prof. Wright goes out on a journey to build a fishing rod which can't possibly fail.
82 "Jocelyne Wright 007: Sci-Fall" Faves3000
Prof. Wright once again again has to put up with being a secret spy, but this time, with a bomb being implemented directly under the labs by Dr. S. Studies, where she and the gang of secret agents must stop the bomb from going off.
83 "The Viral Virus" Faves3000

A virus is spreading around in Scienceburg making everyone ill, so a cure is needed to stop it before it is too late for anyone.

84 "Life or Death" Faves3000

The Grim Reaper after realizing that his last plan was absolutely stupid for defeating Prof. Wright, he returns with a new plan: THE GAME OF LIFE.

85 "Chips of Luck" CompliensCreator00

Prof. Wright finds a can of potato chips, and for unknown reasons, believes that it is lucky to have. It turns out that it actually is lucky, but no one else knows, making them want her to throw it away.

86 "Unlicensed License" CompliensCreator00

Mr. Rhezo tells the story of how he barely got his license, hit the road, and ended up destroying Dr. Akson's car.

87 "Shaved" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright gets lice and has to get a haircut, but doesn't seem to understand the difference between "practically bald" and "significantly less hair than usual".
88 "Ghostly Water" CompliensCreator00

After Prof. Mysteria accidentally creates a whole in their roof, Prof. Wright has to fix it, but instead ends up encountering a ghost who won't offer her a glass of water, eventually taking it to extreme levels.

89 "Anti-gravity" Faves3000
Mr. Rhezo puts on gravity flipping boots, but when he winds up in space, no one can hear him scream.
90 "Jhay and the Beanstalk" CompliensCreator00

The scientists create a genetically-modified beanstalk that produces giant foods, and Mr. Rhezo wants to make it to the top to find out what the best reward is.

91 "Unfair Science Fair" Faves3000

Prof. Wright enters a science fair with an unfair advantage when compared to everyone else there, you know, since we're putting the mind of a 34-year old scientist against the minds of 12-year old students.

92 "Racehorse" Faves3000
Prof. Wright has her own bets on a race-horse contest, and is determined to win, even if it means tying a rocket-booster to the back of a horse.
93 "WrightCo." Faves3000
Prof. Wright apparently has a large fan, and feels glad to have them, but when they begin constantly stalking Prof. Wright, he becomes determined to get rid of them.
94 "Mightier Than the Sword" CompliensCreator00

When Prof. Perez becomes an author and claims that "the pen is mightier than the sword", Prof. Mysteria takes it literally and begins to learn fencing.

95 "Who Cut the Cake?" CompliensCreator00
When Prof. Wright bakes a cake for "The Largest Dang Cake in Scienceburg Competition", she returns only to find it eaten, and goes all detective and crap to find out who ate it.
96 "The Land Before Science" Faves3000
After a time-travel accident gone horribly wrong, dinosaurs are on Complanet, and really having huge reptiles in a large city isn't all that great in a few aspects..
97 "The Price is Always Wright" CompliensCreator00
Sophia gets a new New Nintendo UHD3DS, but has no games on it, so she plans on teaming up with Jenny and Sa'dia to earn money to get some games on the thing.
98 "Googlopocalypse" Faves3000

Mayor Fernando buys Google after "not-rigging" the lottery, and with his new-found powers, uses it to make the citizens of the world do all sorts of stupid things.

99 "Hugh" Faves3000
A mysterious man enters Scienceburg from Dimensional Falls named Hugh. But what is his purpose? What is he doing? Why is he here? Is he something serious or just some crazy hobo with a cardboard box over his head?
Special "The Scienceburg Wedding" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright and Prof. Mysteria finally get married.